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Moneta (International) Pty Ltd (ABN 27078715778) is the only importer and sole distributor of FD FOOD in Australia.

FD koi food is a Japanese high quality food that is used by 57 koi breeders in Japan, amongst the top 20 of koi breeders like Momotaro, Sakai, Matsue & Dainichi. Due to the unique corporation with these koi breeders FD Food has achieved unreachable: a fully balance food for the optimal growth and development of your koi.

During the development, the food has been tested on the koi farms of these breeders instead of laboratories. This has resulted in finding the recipe that match of the needs of the fish in their natural habitats. Due to the knowledge of koi breeders it is possible to continuously maintain the highest possible quality and to adapt the recipe when necessary . No other food brand has these advantages which give FD Food a big lead to other Japanese brands.

FD Koi Food Benefits:

  1. ➢ Always the most fresh Japanese koi food
  2. ➢ 100% natural ingredients
  3. ➢ 57 Japanese koi breeders of which the 20 best Japanese koi farms use FD FOOD
  4. ➢ Research and development is done with koi breeders
  5. ➢ The only foods that keep on developing
  6. ➢ FD FOOD gives clear result with development of the koi and enhances colour

80% of Japanese top breeders chose FD Food: Momotaro koi farm, Matsue Nishikigoi Center, Omosako Koi Farm, Taniguchi Koi Farm, Yamatoya Koi Farm, Okawa Koi Farm, Ueno Koi Farm, Ando Koi Farm (Rikoen), Dainichi Koi Farm, Hoshikin Koi Farm, Othani Nishikigoi, Muro Koi Farm, Maruyama Koi Farm, Murata Koi Farm, Hiroi Koi Farm (Conias), Isa Koi Farm, Yamamatsu Koi Farm (Matsunosuke), Kawakami Koi Farm, Hosokai Koi Farm, Yagenyi Koi Farm, Shintaro Koi Farm, Oya Koi Farm (Kataoka), Kokugyo Kan, Marusei Koi farm (Hirasawa), Nagoshi Koi Farm, Maru Koi Farm.

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